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Link Is Ignorance an Excuse for the Desecration of Native American History?

Cliven Bundy is a rancher embroiled in a land dispute that has been going on for the past 20 days. In these last 20 days Cliven Bundy, who has gone from a little know Nevada cattle rancher to a conservative folk hero. Bundy is a 67-year old Mormon patriarch with over fifty grandchildren; who has become the center of attention in a dispute with the federal government. It began when the federal government started impounding 900 heads of Bundy’s cattle in early April. This dispute goes back 20 years over cattle grazing on federal-lands. The federal government claims that Bundy owes them over a million dollars in unpaid grazing fees and penalties.

This April this confrontation turned potentially deadly as an armed militia gathered on Bundy’s cattle farm, aiming semi-automatic weapons at armed BLM officials from a bridge overpass. Some protesters were tasered by authorities and others arrested and later released, including one of Bundy’s 14 adult children. The problem with this is that Cliven and the people supporting him are ignorant of what is really going on. Bundy like a lot of conservatives see this as another big government intrusion into local affairs. This has created a public uproar among right-wing Utahans’. This sort of unruly behavior often results from ignorance, in this case ignorance of history. A lot of social conservatives think teaching history in schools is a waste of time and taxpayer money. Conservatives might say this is another instance of big government, or pork barrel spending, an irony considering that conservatives and tea baggers alike are always sounding off about big government spending.

What really is at stake is history and regard for other civilizations. There are important Pueblo Indians artifacts on this land that need federal protection from people riding around on ATV’s, and other potentially dangerous activities that could destroy irreplaceable artifacts and pictographs. The article above makes the comparison of the Taliban, whom blew up and destroyed up the Buddha’s of Bamiyan, two massive, 6th century statues of the Buddha. These are the same Taliban terrorists these conservatives where condemning after 9/11. A lot of people see things through their own biases and lack of understanding and don’t realize there more at stake than they might realize. Once again this is a case of ignorance, not being bliss. The link above gives many examples and explains why our cultural inheritance is significant. What is really sad about this ignorance is potentially putting people’s life’s in peril. If that weren’t enough, some of these protesters are irresponsible enough to bring their children along to protest big government, risking the lives of their children. By bringing their children along with them to protest big government and putting their children at risk, a perfect example of ignorance over bliss. The link above talks more about what is involves, only if these dimwits would take the time to read articles like this, maybe they might at least get an understanding of what is really at stake. Below is a video from ABC giving you an idea of what Bundy thinks is going on, which makes a great contrast to the link above?