Off The Shelf

I found another book recommendation site similar to many out there. It’s not, however a community. The difference is that it’s run by Simon & Schuster. I’m thinking, they probably have ulterior motives to induce you to read books printed by them, but I don’t care. I liked to be exposed to book recommendations from anybody. This website claims that the recommendations come from book editors. Some would argue that is a good thing, in that editors tend have more discerning tastes than your casual reader. Editors, after all make their livings reading books most the time, and judging whether they will sell or not. It could also be a bad thing, depending on what kind of recommendations you’re looking for. I want to expose myself to things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do on my own. If these recommendations end up being poor, I’ll have at least tried something new. Whenever I come across websites such as this I know many of my friends who love to read find them as interesting as I do.