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I found this on Jerry A. Coyne’s blog site Why Evolution is True.” Jerry A. Coyne is also author of “Why Evolution is True.” I recommend visiting his blog, lots of fascinating articles, and posts about science. Jerry is professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago and a member of both the Committee on Genetics and the Committee on Evolutionary Biology

Why Evolution Is True

I realize now that Chopra’s affliction with Maru’s Syndrome—the condition described by Dr. Maru as “When I see a box, I cannot help but enter”—is a chronic condition. Although Chopra feints at friendliness, enticing me to his fancy conference with a big honorarium, and trying to pal around with Michael Shermer (who, I suspect, doesn’t like Chopra), in reality he’s as thin-skinned as ever. What has really wounded Deepakity is the intimation by people like Shermer, Dawkins, Sam Harris, and me, that he is not a scientist.  After all, the old Woomeister makes his millions by putting on a veneer of science, bandying about nonsense phrases like “quantum consciousness” that bamboozle those who are impressed by science, but don’t understand it.  Were they to understand that there is no hard science behind Chopra’s claims, perhaps they’d be less likely to open their wallets.

At any rate, the video below is one more sign…

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