We’re almost there!

The audit is now complete, and while it revealed a few problems with the migrated data; they’re relatively easy to fix. We’re now running a modified migration tool (which migrates balances, address history, pending orders, etc from V1) that is running. This won’t take long to complete, but we’re expecting it to take a couple of hours. We’re using a different database structure entirely, and each migrated user needs to have a myriad of markets activated, have their balances shifted to the new format, have their pending orders also moved, etc. All in all, there are millions of SQL INSERT/UPDATE queries to be done, as well as some CPU intensive tasks that handle all of this.

There are roughly 70,000 active users that need to have initiation done on their account. We started running the improved tool about 15 minutes ago – and 11,290 have initiated so far…

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