Closet Atheist Accidently Admits Atheism on National Television


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Amazing story, Rebecca Vitsmun when asked by Wolf Blitzer on CNN if she thanked God she survived a tornado tells wolf that she can’t because she is an atheist. What’s more, she has not told her own parents she was an atheist. Can you imagine how hard that might be for the parents? I was personally blown away. If you interested in the whole story you can find it, here


ISPs Threaten to Innovate Less


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Net NeutralityISPs Threaten to Innovate Less kind of reminds me of a little kid throwing a temper tantrum if you don’t give him what he wants. Can you believe how low they will sink? One of my favorite comments was:



“The only innovation currently going on is how to gouge their customers, so of course they’ll have to “stop innovating” if slapped with common carrier rules.”